How to Get Started

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Welcome to Lincoln Health and Wellness Center!

Lincoln Health and Wellness Center’s care team looks forward to serving your healthcare needs and provide Care Without Compromise, giving you the best care experience of your life.

Getting started is easy

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Learn about the Lincoln Health and Wellness Center by reviewing this website or reading the FAQs

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Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to meet the Care Team

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Click here to learn about Proactive MD

  1. Call (717) 640-5900 to request your first appointment to become an established patient

Click here to learn about appointments

You can schedule a first visit for either:

  • Any current health care needs, such as an annual physical, illness, minor injury, current chronic condition, counseling, and more


  • A ‘New Patient Appointment’ if you do not have any specific needs but would like to meet with a provider to establish care

Note: You can still establish care even if you have your own primary care provider!

  1. Bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Your driver’s license and Highmark Blue Shield insurance card

  • Your current prescription list

  • Name and contact information of Primary Care Provider (optional) - If you have an outside provider and would like to share your visit information with them, the care team can send a full summary with your authorization.

  1. Ask the Care Team to activate your Patient Portal during your visit

Click here to learn about the Patient Portal

Examples of why you might establish care with Lincoln Health and Wellness Center:

  • You do not have a primary care provider and would like the Lincoln Health and Wellness Center care team to meet that need

  • You have a primary care provider, and would like to take advantage of the convenience and cost of the Lincoln Health and Wellness Center services for minor or acute health care needs, or when you can't be seen quickly by your own provider

Your care team can serve you better when you become an established patient.

Get to know your care team and establish yourself as a patient by scheduling a New Patient Appointment at the Health Center. Your initial visit is very important! Your care team will review your medical history and complete a thorough examination to assess your current health. Depending on your care needs, this visit may take 45 minutes or longer.

Please bring any existing prescriptions to see how much you can save by filling them at the Lincoln Health and Wellness Center (if they are available on the dispensing list).

As an established patient, you will receive:

  • Quicker access to appointments

  • The ability to use after hours line

  • Same-day sick appointments

  • Less than 5-minute wait times

  • Select medications and labs for free

  • Disease and illness prevention

  • Treatment for common illnesses & infections

  • Physicals

  • Wellness consulting