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Note: Please be aware that with the launch of the NEW Proactive MD Patient Portal the old portal powered by athena ( will be turned off and no longer available as of Thursday, June 29, 2023.


mobile app:

Proactive MD Portal

Search for Proactive MD Portal in either the Apple or Google Play stores. Once found, download the app. 

To get connected to your patient portal for the first time, you can either:

Note: Turnaround time for all login requests average one business day.

Once connected, with the Proactive MD Patient Portal you can:

Patient Portal Questions or Help

Learn how to use your Proactive MD Patient Portal!


LHWC Proactive MD Patient Portal Instructions.pdf

View this instructional document with detailed information on features of the portal, including step-by- step details for:


Watch this short video to see the Proactive MD Patient Portal in action!

Secure Messaging:  If you have a medical question or need to contact the Lincoln Health and Wellness Center care team for non-urgent needs, you can send a secure message through the portal. Examples of message reasons: 

To send a new message or view your inbox, select Messages from the menu once signed into your patient portal. 

Appointment Scheduling:

To schedule a new appointment: 

Note: This option will only appear if you have linked access to a dependent’s account. To learn how to link a parent/guardian and dependent portal, click here.

 Note: Please call (717) 640-5900 if you are trying to schedule any of the following:

Note: This will default based on your home health center selection, however, you can change the location option for finding appointments at either campus. Please call (717) 640-5900 for virtual appointments with either location.

Note: You can create an appointment that is at least 24 hours out from the time of appointment creation. If you need to get into the health center sooner than 24 hours, please call (717) 640-5900.

Note: If there are no appointments available or options that are convenient for you, try changing the appointment search parameters, including date, or call (717) 640-5900 for assistance.

To change an existing appointment:

Parent/Guardian Access to Dependent Patient Portal:

Adding dependent access to a parent/guardian through the patient portal gives that parent/guardian user the ability to complete the following for the dependent by selecting their name from the patient drop-down: view/send message, manage appointments, view/manage prescriptions, and view medical records (i.e., allergies, meds, problems, history, results, and more).

 Here’s how to obtain dependent access: