Patient Advocacy

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Personal Navigation & Partnership

You finally have an expert with you every step of the way.

There’s not a person in the traditional healthcare system who raises their hand for patients and says, ‘I will fight for you.’ But that’s the Patient Advocate’s role at Proactive MD: fight for the patient’s greatest good. They will stop at nothing to get their patients the right care at the right time.

What is a Patient Advocate?

What can your Patient Advocate do for you?

Patients are people, and their health is more than just their temperatures or test results. Patient Advocates are humanizing healthcare by providing care for the whole person – mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. No concern is outside the bounds of Patient Advocacy. If an Advocate can’t personally help, they will connect patients to a resource who can – and they will partner together every step of the way.

Meet Your Patient Advocate

Amanda Harris, MSW, LSW, CCM

"Have courage and be kind."

Click here to watch a short video to meet Amanda!


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